Increase profitability by reducing energy consumption with the leading and most experienced team in the hospitality sector

  • Where to start

  • Why consumption data is important

  • How to understand data

  • What it tells you

  • Turning it into savings

Why Hospitality Energy Saving?

  • Savings of 10-20%

  • We deliver the savings, not just tell you where your consumption is high

  • No negative impact on business

  • Inside knowledge from the team that’s actually worked in the industry

We know what works and what doesn’t for restaurants, pubs, hotels, stadiums, conference facilities; in fact any business in the hospitality sector

We love this industry and take real pride and satisfaction from helping clients to become more efficient and knowledgeable and increase their profitability.

What we do

We increase your profitability by cutting your energy wastage. We’ll work with you to ensure you only consume what you actually need, whilst also making sure you comply with energy legislation and sustainability targets.


Who we are

We are a unique team with over 50 years of hospitality experience drawn roles as diverse as pot wash, business managers, property managers and even PhD level. We know hospitality energy consumption and reduction like no other.

Our clients

Our experience comes from many years of working with a large range of hospitality clients, ranging from some of the UK’s largest to single site operators. All businesses will be slightly different and we'll work with you and your teams to help you understand and reduce your energy consumption.